Cody Pickrodt is a freelance journalist, cartoonist, and illustrator. His comic series REPTILE MUSEUM comes out bi-monthly from his micro-press Ray Ray Books. Clients include VICE, Condé Nast, Vanity Fair, Vogue, Teen Vogue, Allure, Nylon, Bon Appétit, Town & Country, Psychology Today, Scholastic Books, Urban Outfitters, Crown Royal, Buick, Warby Parker, Kiva, Topps, Kid Robot, Art Faccia.

Feel free to send feedback, publishing and exhibition opportunities, requests to be on the private mailing list, advertising inquires, etc. to: codypickrodt (at)



What’s on this website?
Expect to find original art, comics and news. Other subjects includes sketchbook art, the occasional musing, and events notices.

How often do you post?
Monday through Thursday.

How long have you been making comics?
I have been drawing and making comics since I could pick up a drawing utensil, since before I knew what comics were. So let us say since the age of three or four years old.

Where can I buy your stuff?
You can buy directly from this website. See the SHOP link at the top of the page.

Can I commission work from you?
Absolutely. Email me.


"Suspect Device," Andromeda Gallery, Boston, MA.
"My 5th Birthday," Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn, NY.
"FLASH FL00D," Little Berlin, Philadelphia, PA.

"Quimby Open House," Quimby Colony, Portland, ME.

"The Munny Show," Kidrobot, Santa Monica, CA.
"Drawn," Art Murmur Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.
"One Year Anniversary Show," The Hive Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.
"January Group Show," The Hive Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.

"December Group Show," The Hive Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.
"The MAX," Hangar 1018, Los Angeles, CA.
"November Group Show," The Hive Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
"Lost Souls," Gallery 311, San Pedro, CA.
"Terror," Gallery 311, San Pedro, CA.
"SEX," Gallery 311, San Pedro, CA.
"America," Gallery 311, San Pedro, CA.

"The Interventionists," Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, North Adams, MA.
"Stencil Art Show," Liberty Hall, Portland, OR.
"Creative Edge," Burkshire Gallery, Hilton Head, SC.

"Group Show," Exhibit A Gallery, Savannah, GA.

"Stencils: The Art of Negative Spaces," The Budget Gallery/The Crucible Steel Gallery,
San Francisco, CA.
"Instant Gratification," Oglethorpe Row Gallery, Savannah, GA.
"Group Show," Alexander Hall Main Gallery, Savannah, GA.

"Making Sense," Gallery Espresso, Savannah, GA.


We Are Not Who We Are: An X-files Zine. Caroline Tompkins. Brooklyn, NY. 2014. 
BigHonkk. Brooklyn, NY. 2014.
Kilgore Quarterly #4. Kilgore Books. Denver, CO. 2014. 
Reptile Museum #1 - 3. 
Ray Ray Books. Brooklyn, NY. 2013.
Mutant #4.
Atomic Books. Baltimore, MD. 2013.
Secret Prison #7: Garo Tribute.
Doppelganger Comics.
Pizza Breath #1. Self Published. 2012.
Men With Whom I Share the Same Height #3 - 4. Self Published. 2012.
Curiozine #2. Edited by Shawn Schulte. Curio. New York, NY. 2012.
Strep Throat #2. Edited by Laura Perez-Harris. Throat Art. New York, NY. 2012.
Secret Prison #666.
Doppelganger Comics. Philadelphia, PA. 2012.
Suspect Device #2.
Josh Bayer. New York, NY. 2012.
My 5th Birthday.
Edited by Laura Perez-Harris. Throat Art. New York, NY. 2012.
Lies Grown-ups Told Me.
Edited by Nomi Kane, Caitlin M., and Jen Vaughn. White River Junction, VT. 2011.
Secret Prison #5. Doppelganger Comics. Philadelphia, PA. 2011.
Unicronomicon #4. Catherine Peach. Portland, OR. 2011.
Pickrod #2/Men With Whom I Share the Same Height. Self Published. 2011.
Good ‘n Ready. Self Published. 2010.
Philadelphia City Paper, Nov. 25 - Dec. 2. 2010: The Comics Issue 2010. Philadelphia, PA. 2010.
Secret Prison #2 - 3. Doppelganger Comics. Philadelphia, PA. 2010.
Men With Whom I Share the Same Height #1. Self Published. 2010.
Barbarous Nights. Self Published. 2010.
Francine Way. Self Published. 2010.
Pickrod. Self Published. 2010.
helL-A #1 - 4. Self Published. 2005. 2nd Printing. 2010.
Artifacts. Kanardo. Lyon, France. 2004.
Cold Dog Book. Self Published. 2003.
Night Swim. Self Published. 2001.


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Comics Reading, Mellow Pages Library. Brooklyn, NY. September 2013.
Writer-in-Residence, Cyberpunk Apocalypse. Pittsburgh, PA. April 2013.
Instructor, Uproar Art. Brooklyn, NY. February, March. 2012.Artist Talk, Maine College of Art. Portland, ME. October 2011.
Artist-in-Residence, Quimby Colony. Portland, ME. October 2011.
Instructor, 3rd Ward. Brooklyn, NY. February 2010 - June 2010.
Instructor, Spacecraft. Brooklyn, NY. March 2010.
Instructor, 3rd Ward Open House. Brooklyn, NY. November 2009.
Instructor, Star Inc. Los Angeles, CA. April 2005 - September 2006.
Instructor, Smart Space. Los Angeles, CA. September 2005 - November 2005.


Online Version of an Art Book I Appeared in, by Kanardo
Art Faccia
Pizza Breath
Ray Ray Books
Secret Prison

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