Drawing 10


Finally, I listened to The Joe Rogan Experience #1518 featuring David Choe.

I have been an admirer of David Choe since discovering the Asian American lifestyle magazine Giant Robot in the early 90s. In a time before the internet, all credit due to Giant Robot for exposing me to sub-cultures that spoke to an Asian American heritage. Teenage years can be hard, and being a minority doesn’t make it any easier. In those pages, and through his art and comics, David became the voice my adolescence longed to hear.

I watched as he ripped open the possibilities of art and how he seized the opportunity of adventure. His work and his existence was defiance. His openness and trueness toward himself was inspiring. Now, his powerful act of healing does the same. This podcast episode demonstrates the unmistakeable value in his sharing of his experience. Thank you David for being that voice again.

— Cody Pickrodt

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